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Granite & Marble



Natural Stones


Granite is a coarse-grained rock composed mainly of quartz, feldspar and a variety of minerals which contribute to its color. Granite is difficult to damage and nearly impossible to scratch. It is also heat resistant, but polished surfaces must be sealed to protect the beauty of this natural stone.


The timeless beauty of marble makes it one of the most sought out stones. Though soft by nature, this calcified stone is commonly used in bathroom vanities, tub surrounds, fireplaces, and other custom elegant finish detail around the home. With its distinct veining marble colors range from rich deep tones to lighter earthly tones that will suit the most elegant of designs.


The reason for soapstone's popularity is its durability and good looks. Soapstone is not a "fussy" stone and fits into a family's busy lifestyle. Practically indestrucatible, soapstone won't burn or stain, requires very little maintenance, and adds value and elegance to any home building project.

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