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Kitchen Remodeling Guide

Preparation is the key to sanity and success!

I won’t lie to you, living in a house without a kitchen is NOT fun! Considering the average kitchen remodel takes between 3-5 weeks, it’s worth the extra time and energy to prepare your house and your family for the road ahead! Over the years, we have found that the families that properly prepare for life without the kitchen are the ones that are the sanest throughout the process.

To start with, we recommend you sit down with your entire family and explain what is going to happen (especially young children). Make sure they understand the kitchen is going to be OFF LIMITS for a few weeks. A construction zone is not an area for play time! We always do our best to clean up and properly secure our tools at the end of the day, but that doesn’t always deter curious little ones!

Next, you will need to pack up your kitchen and get ready for the construction to begin. We recommend you start the preparation process about a week before we start, otherwise we guarantee you’ll be up the night before frantically throwing spice jars into the drawer next to your couch!

Here is a checklist of things to do:

• Empty all your cabinets and drawers into organized boxes!

• Be sure to label each box with its exact contents

• Put aside essential items, such as:

    – Coffee, coffee maker, and filters – Salt, pepper, and assorted spices

    – Can opener – Plastic utensils

    – Cutting board and knife – Paper plates, cups, and bowls

    – Microwave and/or toaster oven

• Find a location for a temporary kitchen. This may be in a spare bedroom or in the garage, for example. Set up your small appliances on folding tables around the room.

• Designate a sink for meal preparation and clean-up. A large laundry/utility sink works well. To reduce clean-up, use paper plates and napkins, and plastic utensils.

• Make sure your refrigerator is still accessible. This may require you to move your refrigerator to another room or into the garage. Most refrigerators are on casters and can roll easily to an adjacent room.

• Cover any fine furniture, valuables, and delicate items that may be affected by the construction and the dust that will inevitably arise. Better yet, move them to another part of the house. We make extensive use of drop cloths, plastic room dividers, and vacuums, but remember…sheetrock dust is IMPOSSIBLE to control.

• In addition to packing the kitchen, remove any fragile items from the walls in neighboring rooms, especially mirrors. The vibrations from construction can cause pictures and such to fall (who needs 7 years bad luck!?).

Other survival tips:

• Cook a few meals in advance and freeze them

• Pull out the crockpot so you can whip up a few yummy all-in-one meals

• Take advantage of your outdoor grill

• Be nice to your neighbors. Maybe they will invite you over for dinner!


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